The family is the most powerful unit in society, the one best suited to the bringing up of children, and the very continuation of society. The inter-relationship of family members is complex and filled with all the human emotions possible.

On this basis, one of Lys Hansen’s main themes is concerned with representations of the family. These works take on an heroic and fundamental paradigm of the Family of Man. All the elements of our humanity are seen in the imagery.

That is the powerful capacity of Hansen’s work… the magical, inexplicable phenomenon where we experience the vicarious feelings and thoughts of the artist and of the subject images, as if we were experiencing them in reality, living in the events ourselves with them.

In her painting, we recognise those who populate our lives, whether directly and immediately or by proxy. They are not a family: they are the family: indeed, our family.

Image: O Golden Child

<em>Carousel Child (a)</em>
<em>Carousel Child (b)</em>
<em>Carry & Care</em> (diptych). 2003, oil, 203x356cm.
<em>Catch</em>. 1984, acrylic, collage, 206x235cm.
<em>O Golden Child</em>. 2005, oil, 183x183cm.
<em>One Fine Day</em> (diptych). 2007, oil, 200x300cm.
<em>Stagefright</em>. 1984, acrylic, collage, 206x235cm.
<em>Lost Man</em>