Lys Hansen is a distinguished Scottish artist. She is an expressive, figurative painter working in a European and international context. Her main concerns are the human condition and the complex inter-relationships of people.

Recent painting projects and research have taken her to Berlin, to Bornholm in Denmark, to Ireland and to northern France.

Hansen’s major themes are interlinked. So, her expression of Family is cognate with her ideas and works on Identity; her attention to Heritage links to her theme of Denmark: her concerns with Conflict encompass experience of the 20th century seen through Place.

These in turn relate to the family relationships of the common man, and in her range of treatment of them, the artist draws us to the ecstatic, to the mundane and to the desperate. She leads us always by either our catharsis or our empathy to resolve the emotions we encounter.

Image: Madonna detail Visitation at The Blocks