Berlin, that formerly divided city, with its dark past and its devastating effect on the world, has profoundly affected Hansen’s work. From the early 1980s, before the Wall came down, she has spent continuous work periods there, and has been inspired to record and document how a nation has rebuilt itself, not only physically but psychologically as well. They have come to terms with their dark history and the legacy of shame that it leaves its younger generation to carry.


To know who we are, and what makes us what we are, are queries that most of us have.


The family is the most powerful unit in society, the one best suited to the bringing up of children, and the very continuation of society. The inter-relationship of family members is complex and filled with all the human emotions possible.


Lys Hansen’s connection with France reaches back to scholarships in Provence as a student, as au pair for the Martell family at Cognac, teaching painting in Tarn.


Northern Ireland’s ongoing battle with itself shows a long history of strife. “The Troubles” describes a deep state of civil war and yet hopes and dreams for peace are always present. The origins are centuries old, but conflict remains even today, though much reduced. This cannot be belittled, however, as acts of terror and murder continue yet. The death of a few is no less reprehensible than that of many. Conflict is not less bitter despite the outward signs of peace.



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Image: Athena, 1982, oil, 122x122cm