Northern Ireland’s ongoing battle with itself shows a long history of strife. “The Troubles” describes a deep state of civil war and yet hopes and dreams for peace are always present. The origins are centuries old, but conflict remains even today, though much reduced. This cannot be belittled, however, as acts of terror and murder continue yet. The death of a few is no less reprehensible than that of many. Conflict is not less bitter despite the outward signs of peace.

Hansen has reacted to the situation in her work, with exhibitions in both Belfast and Dublin. Her over-arching theme of conflict means that she speaks of the Irish situation in the same way as she has seen Berlin – divided.

Works such as The Divided Self relate equally to the divisions within us and the divisions between us and speak to the observer with the same voice. These works are not about others alone; they are about us… ourselves.

Image: Grip

<em>She is She</em>; <em>Grip</em>; <em>Goodbye</em>.<br/><em>The Divided Self</em> (triptych). 1985, oil, 183x456cm.
Panel 1: <em>She is She</em>
<em>She is She</em> (detail)
Panel 2: <em>Grip</em>
<em>Grip</em> (detail)
<em>Grip</em> (detail)
Panel 3: <em>Goodbye</em>
<em>Goodbye</em> (detail)
<em>It Takes Two</em>
<em>Love of Family</em>
<em>Mother and Child</em>
<em>None So Blind</em>
<em>Sorrow and Sob</em>